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Kirjoittanut 29. tammikuuta 2020, Jill Sheehan
  • Diet & Nutrition

Nutrisystem Overview: Unlock Your Blueprint to Diet and Fitness Success

Nutrisystem has been in the business of helping people lose weight and adopt healthier lifestyles for over 45 years. They provide recommendations based on FDA and USDA guidelines to support the development of better eating habits.

Nutrisystem has introduced a cutting-edge product called the DNA Body Blueprint kit. This kit delves into your genetic code to create a personalized weight loss plan based on your DNA. The big question is: does investing in your genetic information make a difference in achieving your weight loss goals? I set out to explore this further.

It’s important to mention that currently, Nutrisystem is offering the DNA Body Blueprint kits exclusively to individuals in the United States who are 18 years or older. For adolescents aged 14 to 17, parental consent is required.

You can order Nutrisystem’s DNA kit either over the phone or directly from their website. They offer two distinct kits: the DNA Body Blueprint + Report + Nutrition Plan (intended for non-members) and the DNA Body Blueprint + Report + Action Plan (designed for active Nutrisystem members).

Here’s the great part: you are not obligated to purchase any prepackaged foods or meal plans from Nutrisystem unless you choose to. Both kits provide you with the same information. The only difference is that the Action Plan kit includes a 4-week plan to kickstart your Nutrisystem weight loss journey.

However, there’s a limitation to be aware of. Nutrisystem does not currently allow you to upload existing DNA raw data or download your raw DNA from their website. So, if you were hoping to use your data on another ancestry-related site, you’ll have to wait for that possibility.

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How to Order and Complete Your Kit

Nutrisystem's DNA Body Blueprint Kit - Box with Instructions

As you can see, Nutrisystem’s DNA Body Blueprint kit features a simple swab collection method.

What’s in the Box:

A cheek swab collection toolkit with instructions and a secure postage-paid mailing envelope to ship your sample to Nutrisystem’s certified lab partner.

How to Complete the Test:

Don’t eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum for 30 minutes before you do the test. Collect your sample by swabbing inside your cheeks, then place the swab in the collection vial. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions and mail your sample back within the time indicated on the kit.

Mailing and Results: You’ll need to sign up for a free Nutrisystem account in order to register your kit and receive your DNA results. Your personal information is de-personalized – the lab processes samples using each kit’s unique ID number. Only Nutrisystem knows the name registered with each kit.

Your results will be ready to review in approximately 1-3 weeks after Nutrisystem’s CLIA and CAP-certified lab receives your sample.

Nutrisystem's DNA Body Blueprint Kit - Product Details

Nutrisystem’s DNA Body Blueprint taps into your unique genetic code.

Learn How Genetics Impact Your Weight Loss Journey!

Understanding Your Results

What can you expect to learn from your Nutrisystem DNA Body Blueprint?

It maps out your DNA, revealing how your body processes what you put into it. Here’s a quick breakdown of each report:

Vitamins and Minerals

Find out how your body absorbs and processes essential vitamins and minerals so you can look and feel your best. This helps you achieve the optimal balance of both by taking the right supplements and eating nutrient-rich foods, which can impact your overall health and immunity.

Vitamins and minerals covered in the kit:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Calcium
  • Folate
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

Food Breakdown

Are sweets and carb-rich foods a sticking point in your diet? Or maybe you’re not eating enough protein, healthy fats, and whole grains. See how your body handles specific foods, plus learn which foods Nutrisystem recommends based on your DNA makeup. Suggestions include generic foods and Nutrisystem prepackaged meals.


Your DNA could be the biggest factor in losing, gaining, and maintaining your ideal weight. Even if you’re genetically predisposed to weigh more or have a sluggish metabolism, Nutrisystem offers action plans that can help you reach your health and wellness goals.

Eating Behaviors

Can’t resist baked goods? Or do you often find yourself binging on unhealthy snacks, caffeinated beverages, and sugary sodas? This report can help you get back on track through healthier eating habits.


Does the thought of going for a jog scare you? Or maybe you prefer the slow pace of yoga or an energizing dance workout? The right fitness routine can help you supercharge your ability to burn calories and lose weight. See which activities your genes have a preference for, whether it’s power-lifting, swimming, or CrossFit.

Personalized Nutrition Plan

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for many dieters. This report includes a personalized meal planner and grocery guide to help you choose the healthiest options for your body. The nutrition plan doesn’t require a purchase of Nutrisystem foods, although they can complement any healthy lifestyle and dieting program.

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Similar Tests to Consider

  • EverlyWell It offers a variety of health and wellness tests, but many are broken down into single-vitamin tests (B, B9/Folic Acid, D), which can add up very quickly. Nutrisystem’s comprehensive vitamin and mineral report covers the key information with a one-time cost. EverlyWell is still a solid option if you are looking for more in-depth answers regarding your health, including allergies and food sensitivities.

Pricing: A Decent Price for Personalized Dietary Insight

The Nutrisystem DNA Body Blueprint kit offers excellent value compared to other health and wellness DNA kits like 23andMe. As a prominent figure in the weight loss industry, Nutrisystem provides personalized insights at an affordable price. It’s important to note that you have the freedom to decide whether or not to join a Nutrisystem plan or purchase their foods.

Both versions of the DNA kit are priced the same, and Nutrisystem frequently offers promotions and discounts to help you save money.

  • DNA Body Blueprint Kit & Report + Nutrition Plan: This package includes the cheek swab kit, a 30-page DNA report, and a FREE nutrition plan to support the development of healthier eating and lifestyle habits.
  • DNA Body Blueprint Kit & Report + Action Plan: Specifically designed for Nutrisystem members, this package includes the cheek swab kit, a 30-page DNA report, and a 4-week action plan. Utilize your DNA report and nutritional guidance to customize your Nutrisystem plan for optimal weight loss results.

Add-Ons: If you need help understanding your DNA report, or want to discuss your action/nutrition plan with an expert, there is an additional cost to consult with one of Nutrisystem’s counselors. The cost is fairly minimal compared to sites like Vitagene that try to upsell you on vitamins and supplements you may not want or need.

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Customer Support: Lots of Channels, But Can Be Slow to Respond

Nutrisystem offers several ways to get in touch, although many members have stated it can be very frustrating to get through to customer service, especially by phone.

You can also reach out via email, live chat (when available), and good old snail mail. They also have a small FAQ page that may answer your questions.

I found the quickest and most successful way to find answers was via social media – you can find Nutrisystem on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It also has a YouTube channel and a Pinterest profile featuring links to interesting articles, recipes, and more.

I immediately got an automated reply after messaging Nutrisystem on Facebook, and they responded within a couple days – I’d call that pretty speedy considering they seem to be swamped via other communication methods.

Nutrisystem - Auto Response Text

You’ll need to be patient when contacting Nutrisystem, but you’ll get an automated response that could speed up the process.

Nutrisystem on Facebook - Reply

Nutrisystem’s Social Care Team offered a very helpful response.

Your Body’s DNA Blueprint Can Help You Get on Track

If you’re serious about wanting to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, I think it’s worth the cost to take Nutrisystem’s DNA Body Blueprint kit. Even if you ultimately decide to manage your own eating and fitness habits instead of signing up for its meal delivery program, you’ll still get a head start on taking charge of your overall health based on your DNA rather than a catch-all diet or workout fad.

It’s a bit disappointing that you can’t download (or upload) your raw DNA, but if you’ve completed any other DNA kits, you may have access to a little health-related information already. That said, there are a couple sites where you can upload your 23andMe and AncestryDNA data to unlock diet and fitness-related insights: check out GenoPalate or DNAfit.

You may also need to be patient regarding customer inquiries, but Nutrisystem’s support staff really does seem to care about helping its clients if you’re willing to wait your turn.

A final thought to keep in mind: the information in your DNA report is really just a starting point, not a cure or treatment for all that ails you. However, it can help you start a dialogue with a nutritionist or primary care physician, especially if you’re looking for answers regarding potential disease risks or weight-related issues.

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1. How accurate is Nutrisystem?

The Nutrisystem test is mainly intended for informational purposes, so it’s not meant to be a complete one-size-fits-all kit that’s 100% accurate. The reports can offer targeted suggestions based on your DNA, but it’s more about taking action through your eating and lifestyle habits to achieve weight loss success.

2. How does Nutrisystem compare to other Diet and Nutrition DNA kits?

The pricing is very competitive compared to other DNA kits and is in fact cheaper than nutrition-related DNA kits such as DNAfit. Other DNA sites may charge extra for “add-on” reports and pressure you to purchase their “personalized” vitamins and supplements, while Nutrisystem doesn’t.

Although you can learn more about allergies and food sensitivities from EverlyWell, if you’re only interested in how your metabolism works and which exercises could be the most effective for you, Nutrisystem can help without charging you a lot of money upfront.

You’ll also have access to extremely helpful customer support and a community of fellow Nutrisystem members to help you stay focused on your goals, something you won’t find on many DNA kit websites.

3. How much does a Nutrisystem test cost?

Both versions of the DNA Body Blueprint kit are priced at $99 US dollars, although you can score even more savings through discounts and limited-time promotions.

4. Is it safe to take a Nutrisystem test?

It’s completely safe to take the DNA Body Blueprint test – your DNA sample and personal information is de-identified – only Nutrisystem knows who each kit is registered to. The lab partners follow strict security and confidentiality guidelines and only know your kit’s unique ID number. Additionally, your comprehensive report is accessible only via a secure link you’ll receive by email.

5. Who should consider taking a Nutrisystem test?

If you’ve found it hard to reach your diet and fitness goals, the Nutrisystem DNA Blueprint can help you figure out what might be holding you back. Although other DNA tests offer this information, Nutrisystem can also help you achieve success through their highly popular and successful diet and meal plans using the information in your genetic report. It also offers a supportive community to help you stay motivated, accountable, and focused on your goals.

The one-time cost of the kit and optional counseling is also cheaper than hiring a personal trainer and nutritionist if you only need a gentle nudge to get back on track.

Jill Sheehan
Jill Sheehan
Jill has had a life-long fascination with all things scientific. Select topics of interest include chronic illnesses, ancestry research, and animal medicine. Jill currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, where she enjoys yoga, creating art, and snuggling with cats.

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